The Number of Driverless Car Increasing on the Street of America - TNBC USA

A conspicuous question arises about the probable cause behind the ridiculous happenings of increasing the numbers of self-driving cars on the streets of USA and the police department have to seize pullover, the robot-driven vehicle without the human driver.

Alphabet’s Waymo which is known for hundreds of autonomous Chrysler Pacifica minivans on the street of Phoenix provides the protocols recently in their “Emergency Response Guide”  that offer some glimpses about what is to come.

The guide states, “ The Waymo vehicle uses its sensors to identify police or emergency vehicles by detecting their appearances, their sirens, and their emergency lights.”

“If a Waymo fully self-driving vehicle detects that a police or emergency vehicle is behind it and flashing its lights, the Waymo vehicle is designed to pull over and stop when it finds a safe place to do so”.

Once the vehicles of  Waymo has reached to a stop, it can unlock its doors rolling down its windows by the allowance of someone through the support of the company to a team to interact with law enforcement, as per the guide. The guide states if the passengers present in the vehicle the “rider support specialists” of Waymo can communicate with them through the speakers, displays and the updated methodology of “in-vehicle telecommunications”.

The guide also states, “ the Waymo vehicle is capable of detecting that it was involved in a collision”, nothing is tough if the airbag of the vehicle has been extended and then the capability of self-driving has been disabled. As per the guides, “ The vehicles will then brake until it reaches a full stop and immediately notifies Fleet Response specialists of Waymo”. 

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