The Distinct Contrast Between 2009 Visit of Obama and Trump Recently in Iraq - TNBC USA


In this week, the US President Donald Trump made his first tour to a contradictory zone as a chief commander, meeting the troops at Airbase of Al Asad in western Iraq. The undeclared journey occurred after declaring that he decided to remove the US troops from Syria and noticed to resign his own defence secretary in counter-reaction.

In April of 2009, the predecessor of Trump in the Oval Office, President Barack Obama, conducted his own trip to Iraq to meet the US military personnel. Again, it was his first tour as Chief commander though he had travelled Iraq in July of 2008 as a senator of US while striving for president.

The contradiction between two trips is sometimes distinct – not just because of schedule, but also because of the very contrasting tone they put on display. This itself is a matter of pondering of the different temperament of the two men as chief commander, as well as the vital changes that have taken place in the Middle East in the past nine years.

Despite repeated admiration for the US military and the engagement of military leaders to the Cabinet positions, it took Trump almost half of his term as President to meet American soldiers in the contradictory zone.

In the variation, the trip of Former US President Obama took time less than three months after his vow as the US President. He would go on to visit another contradictory zone in Afghanistan, twice in his second year in office. In another variation, the predecessor of Obama, President George W. Bush had also conducted a tour in Iraq less than a year after the US-led attack of the country began in March of 2003.

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