The United States has informed the new government of Pakistan that they will decide the prospective steps to prolong the bilateral diplomatic relationship on the base of the diplomatic actions taken by Islamabad government against the various terror activities conducted by the terrorist group. The senior officials of Trump administration announced on Monday.

Including US and others, countries have a long complain list against Pakistan as they always treat the terror groups softly and their soft corner makes Pakistan a safe haven for the terrorist networks and helps them to continue the cross-border attack in different countries.

Previously, US president Donald Trump condemned Pakistan government for misleading the perspective of the United States in the matter of terror prevention during receiving billions of Dollars from the US.

The US also cancelled the security aid which they promised to provide to Islamabad.

During a conference call, the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central and South Asia, Alice Wells told the reporters , “ The nature and quality of our bilateral relationship is obviously going to be a function  of whether we saw Pakistan take meaningful steps to hold support for the terrorist proxies that operate on its soil.”

Currently,  the state Secretary Mike Pompeo said, “ It was an opportunity for the Secretary to meet with a new civilian leadership early in his tenure to describe the aspirations we have for the bilateral relationship that we would like to be able to work with Pakistan to establish stability and a political settlement in Afghanistan ” during her recent tour in Pakistan.

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