The Bodies Of Two Sisters Found Tied Together On The Bank of Hudson River - TNBC USA

The New York Police inspected about the motive, as well as the killer of the recent murder case in which two sisters were killed and their bodies were found on the banks of the Hudson River in Manhattan.

The victim women were identified as Rotana Farea of 22 years old and her sister Tala of 16 years old. Both of them were found on the bank of Hudson River in the last week. There were no detectable signs of trauma in their body and they were dressed in black fur-trimmed coat collars and tied together at the ankles and waist by duct tape. According to the source of the media house of New York and Arab Media, the family of these two sisters was living in Fairfax of Virginia and they were originated from Saudi.

The Saudi Embassy refused to comment on the reports in Washington. The bodies of young women were examined by the medical examiner of New York for the autopsy report.

As the bodies of the two sisters were found around six miles distance from the George Washington Bridge, the police are doubting whether the death of the sisters was a part of a suicide pact.

The Hudson River divides New York from New Jersey and the police were combing the banks of the river for establishing the spot from where the sisters entered into the water.


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