Texas Put to Death Man Convicted Choking Woman During Driving - TNBC USA

The convict who kidnapped a woman and pushed her to death during his driving was presented on Thursday in Texas after the refusal of the last appeal of his lawyer by US Supreme Court. The mishappening happened in 2000 and the lawyer tried to argue that the death of the women was an accident.

The Criminal Justice of Texas Department informed that Daniel Acker who is 46 years old was punished to death by the poison injection at the death chamber of the state in Huntsville while US Supreme Court refused to consider the appeal of sparing his life, without delaying the final decision.

His advocates represented the excuse that the woman died due to jumping out from the running vehicle and the man has been accused on the base of damaged forensic evidence.

The department said Acker did not make any final decision.In 2000 Daniel Acker was accused of murdering Marquetta George.

According to the court record, Acker and George had lived together but an strong argument about the doubt of external affair of George lead Acker to pick up George forcefully in his truck and drove off with her.

Few miles away from their home, on the side of a road, George’s body was found.

Her lungs and heart were teared and the bones of her face were cracked. According to the record of forensic evidence, her skull was fractured and severe injuries in her neck had the consistency with the choked  blood circulation of the body.

The advocates of Acker explained in their case file that George jumped out from the running truck at high speed because Acker had been planning to confront the man with whom he doubts George had an affair and she was not ready to face him.

They said, “The state’s case was based on the now-discredited strangling-while-driving hypothesis, a virtually impossible feat.”

The added, “ Mr. Acker has taken full responsibility for the victim’s abduction and has expressed remorse for that act from the day he turned himself in shortly after the accident.”

Texas said, “ Acker produces no new evidence showing he did not commit the crime but continues to assert that George’s death from her leap from the vehicle – a theory rejected by the the jury at the time of trial. ”

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