Colin Kroll, co-founder of Vine and popular gaming app HQ Trivia, was found dead in his New York apartment on Sunday. His death has taken place due to an overdose of drugs.

34-years-old Colin Kroll was found unresponsive and unconscious by US Police in his bedroom of Manhattan apartment, reports a spokesman of New York Police to source.

The suspected cause of US tech star’s death is drug overdone and an investigation is underway, reports Police.

He was co-founder of Vine, which is a popular short-form video service acquired by Twitter in 2012 and is now defunct.

In September 2018, Kroll was named as the Chief Executive of HQ Trivia, which is a smartphone-based trivia platform.

In a statement, HQ Trivia has confirmed the death news of Colin Kroll.

It continued that “We learned today of the passing of our friend and founder, Colin Kroll, and it’s with deep sadness that we say goodbye,” adding that “Our thoughts go out to his family, friends and loved ones during this incredibly difficult time.”

In August 2017, HQ Trivia was launched and it was a blockbuster that hits March milestone of 2 million concurrent players.

But in November, the number of users has fallen from millions to hundreds of thousands, reports a tech news source.

Time magazine reports that Kroll was reportedly fired from Twitter over his poor managerial behavior and faces allegations that he had inappropriately acted HQ Trivia.

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