News Service- On Monday a subtropical storm hit Alberto as it opened paths for the Florida Panhandle. A day post the flooding another storm tore through the historic town of Maryland and scraped away a rescuer- said an official.

Alberto could drive in insane high waters to the southern coastal states when it drenches an area from Mississippi to Western Georgia covering 12 inches of rain said the forecasters.

While the top winds of Alberto tore the storm reducing to 45 miles an hours as the core of the storm brought a calamity throughout the Panama City, Florida.

Several parts of Florida experienced heavy rainfall and scorch flooding said the National Hurricane Center.

Assistant Fire Chief Gary Swearingen said that the rain and wind brought down trees with a thump, however, no rescue was needed. The first Atlantic storm of the year Alberto gyrated at the formal beginning of the season.

The United States and the Caribbean were stricken by a massive loss of billions of dollars due to the noxious hurricanes. Moreover, the nations had to bear the costs of havoc of massive power devastation and outrages to a broad array of structures.

Florida’s Franklin and Taylor authorities issued a mandatory eviction notice for individuals residing in the coastal areas.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the storm is likely to hit the Tennessee Valley. It is expected to carry forth gusty winds and heavy rains said the hurricane center. In Maryland, the Howard County officials said that a 39-year old man went astray after the storm brought in flash flooding. The storm mangled through the downtown of the historic Ellicott City. On Sunday the man was blown down while making an attempt to rescue people from the areas struck with floodwaters.

The area had been affected by floods a couple of years back which had left back a devastating effect, it damaged buildings, killed two people.

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