Spokeswoman In Fiery Op-Ed: Melania Trump Not A “Reluctant” First Lady - TNBC USA

A faithful defender of Trump Stephaine Grisham whom insiders have nicknamed “the enforce”- wrote the op-ed in response to what she deemed a trivial poll about the first lady dropping favorable rating among Americans and an ensuing piece by a network contributor that said Trump doesn’t understand what it means to be the first lady.

Donald Trump does not want the argument and is not good at her current job is, of course, not new- as anyone familiar with the #FreeMelania can attest to.

However, the argument by Grisham argued that all the first-lady-like things that Trump has been doing are vast, underreported, including reading Christmas stories to sick children, flying out to an aircraft carrier to visit members of the military for the holidays, hosting a successful state dinner and dozens of holiday events at the White House, and representing the administration at a state funeral to which her husband was not invited.

Grisham wrote, “Each, event in her comprehensive Be best initiative is focused on helping children with the many issues they face today.” Grisham continues “ Yet, somehow, she is still characterized as a reluctant first lady.

Further, Grisham wrote “ The simple fact is that Mrs Trump deserves honest reporting and media focuses on the substance of her message: the importance of helping children grow up to be happy, healthy, and socially responsible adults”  

The matter got highlighted when Melania Trump spokeswomen accept that she might be wasting keystrokes. Before she got to the meat of her argument. The media she conjected, were doubtless going to take care CNN opinion piece as an assault on the press and continue to push the narrative that Melania Trump was reluctant the first lady.

As per the Washington post reported For the spokeswomen, Grisham op-ed was another show-of-force. Last week she wrote in a statement about the Trump administration now-ousted deputy national security adviser, who was involved in a dust-up over the size of the first lady’s entourage on the Africa trip in October

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