South Korea, Japan, US Initiates “First-Of-Its-kind” Naval Drill - TNBC USA

The United States, South Korea and Japan, as well as Australia, have abandoned “first-of-kind” naval drills near Guam, claimed by the US Navy during the escalating concerns in the diplomatic relations with China, as well as North Korea. The “Pacific Vanguard” drill brings together more than 3,000 sailors from the four countries for  sharpening skills and strengthening the cooperation practically at the sea,US Seventh Fleet said in a statement.

The drills will emphasize on the “live fire exercises”, anti-submarine welfare, defensive counter-air operations and also the replenishment at the sea.

Australia has provided two heavier warships filled with mixed arms to the exercise, as well as Japan contributed two destroyers and South Korea also provided one destroyer. The Seventh Fleet’s flagship USS Blue Ridge will take the lead of the entire operation from the side of the US.

Amid escalating trade tensions between Beijing and Washington, China criticized a US warship sail-by near the disputed islands in the South China Sea.

And Guam shelters more than 160,000 people who were at the centre of the nuclear tensions between Pyongyang and Washington in 2017, along with North Korea intimidating to strike the US region with “enveloping fire”.

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