Self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guaido Claims Hostile Actions Against Family By Police - TNBC USA

The opposition leader of Venezuela, Juan Guido told the supreme security forces had made entry his home for threatening his family, accusing the government of Nicolas Maduro as the international opinion supports his attempt of oust the enemy surrounded President.

The move intensified the fears for security concerns of the 35 years old National Assembly leader who announced himself as interim President in the last week in a direct challenge to the authority of the embattled President Nicolas Maduro.

The special action force of the police, FAES had taken a tour in his home for taking interview of his wife Fabiana Rosales, as per the claim of the Guido to his audience in his address at the Caracas university.

The confident self-announced Venezuelan President told, “The FAES is at my house, asking for Fabiana. At this moment the dictatorship believes that it will intimidate us ” taking his wife at his side.

Multiple opposition leaders have been imprisoned in recent years as Maduro impeded the increasing conflict in the Latin American country.

Earlier, the European legislators acknowledged Guido as the substitute leader of the state which moves forward to his effort to drive out the socialist leader who has taken care the economic collapse of the oil-rich country.

During assembling the international support, Guido is looking for to prolong the international pressure against Nicolas Maduro at home, where he has confronted more mass dissent for placing him directly in the crosshairs of the government.

The Supreme Court of Venezuela controlled by the ruling loyalists has seized his assets and gave strict order to him not for leaving the country.


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