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Self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guaido Assured By UN About Humanitarian Aid

by Haimantee Ghosh | February 1, 2019

The United Nations has assured self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guido that it is intending to provide the generous aid to his country but needs authorization from the government led by President Nicolas Maduro, according to a representative.

Nicholas Guido, the Venezuelan self-declared President had sent a letter to the Secretary-General of UN Antonio Guterres, pleading for humanitarian aid for the millions deprived victims of health care and basic food.

According to the UN representative, Stephane Dujarric told, “ The United Nations is ready to increase its activities in Venezuela in the area of humanitarian assistance and development”.

He added, “ For this, it requires the approval and the coordination of the government”. Self-declared Venezuelan President Juan Guido has acquired support from the United States and a dozen of countries of Latin America for taking over the leadership, but China and Russia stood in their position to support Maduro.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told he did not have the power to acknowledge government but also included that he, “respects the decisions taken by the General Assembly and the Security Council ” which can fix the divided conflict on who leads Venezuela.

The United Nations is scheming to hold the discussions in the coming days with Uruguay and Mexico, which have declared plans to conduct a conference in Montevideo on 7th February on the political crisis in Venezuela. Uruguay and Mexico have not acknowledged Guido as the leader of the National Assembly, as the interim President.

Dujarric told, “ We are aware of the initiative taken by Mexico and Uruguay”. He added, “ Obviously the international community can play a key role in facilitating inclusive agreements.”

Dujarric also told that UN was waiting for the details on the planned conference and the meetings would be held at the UN headquarters for discussing the proposal.