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A Russian Scientists group recently announced that they have discovered nematode warms, in the journal Doklady Biological Sciences. These worms are examined to be potential of reviving themselves after being buried almost 32,000 years ago in permafrost.

Therefore, if this discovery is genuine then it would be the return of longest-survivals. These worms have never been seen before in multi-celled organism. It seems that these worms can even survive in the most extreme conditions.

As per the Gizmodo report, the ancient nematode worms were found from North-eastern Siberia’s frozen soil. Almost over 300 frozen soil samples were examined, out of the lot, 2 samples consist of those ancient worms. One of the samples belongs to Panagrolaimus there form a burrow of buried squirrel and dated back over 32,000 years and the other sample from Plexus, which is dated over 40,000 years back and from a Glacier.

The unharmed worms, over the next few weeks, will be isolated, spotted the researchers. These collected samples were left at 68 Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) and were kept in Petri dish surrounding foods all over.

The ancient worms consumed that food and developed new members in their family. These cloned new family members were then kept separately and they also prospered well.

Consistencies of these worms are not that easy to the line-up but the Russian researchers ensure about their infertility procedures. Researchers further quarrel upon the point that it is not possible for new-age worms to twist their way 15 feet and 100 feet down where the ice-samples were concealed.

Scientist Discovered Worms existing for 40, 000 years in Siberia |

However, it is not for the first time the organisms have been revitalized. As per as Science Alert report, scholars have drag spores from Bacillus bacteria, which were kept concealed inside salt crystals of 250 million-years-old and brought them back to life. It is something very unique and never has been seen before.

It has not been informed yet that these ancient worms are creating life risk for people. But the permafrost melting could release that have been sealed in frozen temperature there for thousands and thousands of years.

Let just hope for the Siberia ice-melting would give us only these ancient nematode worms to research about.

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