Russia says, “We regret US Decision” after US President cancelled talks with President Putin - TNBC USA

The President of United States, Donald Trump’s decision to cancel meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit was regrettable, said the Kremlin.

Spokesman of President Putin, Dmitry Peskov told the source that “we regret the US administration’s decision to cancel the meeting.”

Peskov continued, “This means that discussion of important issues on the international and bilateral agenda will be postponed indefinitely.”

He also said that Russian President Putin “is ready to have contacts with his American counterpart.”

On Thursday, US President Trump has canceled the meeting with Putin over Moscow’s seizure at the weekend of three Ukrainian ships and continued confinement of Ukrainian sailors’ group.

Earlier, US President Trump and Russian President Putin had been scheduled for bilateral talks on Saturday at the G20 Summit in Buenos Aires.

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