Robbers Stolen $2.5 Million Gold Coins From Open Vault In Mexico - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, robbers broke out into a government coin manufacturing unit of Mexico and filled a backpack with around $2 million worth of gold coins from a vault that he had been left open, said security officials.

It is reported a daylight robbery, which is the latest high-profile crime to enlist in Mexico City, where crime cases have been increasing during record lawlessness afflicting the nation. 

Two men, one flourishing a firearm, broke into a “Casa de Moneda” branch after throwing a security guard to the ground and took his gun, said the Mexican Police. 

One of the robbers approached the vault, which was left open, and filled a backpack with around 1567 gold coins, said Mexican Police.   

The gold coins, popular as “centenarios” amounted 50 pesos, but trade for 31500 pesos ($1610 apiece) informed Mexican Bank, Banorte. It makes the total value of the haul to $2.5 million.

In 1921, the coin was first minted to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexican Independence from Spain, as per the Central Bank. In 1931, the production was suspended but the gold coin was reminted starting in 1943 over the demand for gold coins.   

The gold coins are 1.46 inches each and have a gold fineness of 90 percent or 0.900 purity. 

Last year, Casa de Moneda branch was broken, while the renovation of the building, informed sources. 

Mexico is suffering from recorded murder level, which was long considered as a relatively safe heaven, increasingly prone to violent crime. 

In July, two Israeli men were knocked down inside a high-end shopping mall in Mexico, and in a different incident, Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez informed that he was mugged at gun-point. 

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