‘ Rising Star’ Cop of California Countered to Accident Killed by Gunman - TNBC USA

Without any doubt, Natalia Corona would work in law imposition. Her father has been working for 26 years as a veteran of the Colusa County of California in the Department of Sheriff according to the NBC Bay Area that she hardly talked about anything else.

In 2016, Natalia Corona joined in the Davis Police Department as a community service officer with which job she remained thrilled about even while department ran away of sponsoring for paying her as per the saying by Chief Darren in a news conference. Corona became aware of her dream in August upon graduating from the police academy. An image has been captured on the proud smile of the young woman as her father, Jose Merced Corona,  attached on her brooch.

He remembered to Fox40 and told, “ She would always call me ‘brother cop,’ and I would say, ‘You can’t call me brother cop because you’re not there yet. You don’t have a right to call me brother cop, you’re not there yet”. He added, “ When she graduated from the academy, she says ‘OK, so how can I call you brother cop?’ And I said ‘Yeah.’”

The 22 years old finished her training on the field before Christmas according to Pytel, and soon the ‘rising star’ of the department emerged her own dream. Police informed the new recruit of the army replied to a minor collision among three vehicles. A routine inspection ensured the entire accident matter in which any kind of injuries was not reported.

Then a gangster appeared from the shadows who was recognized later by the authorities as 48 years old Kevin Douglas Limbaugh came near to Corona on a bicycle and fired.

According to Pytel, firing was at the promising officer several times before emptying the entire magazine.


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