Retired Official Brutally Stabbed To Death In California - TNBC USA

On Monday, a retired administrator was brutally stabbed on the very first day of the school year at California State University in Fullerton, with the attacked detected fleeing from the spot, said California Police. 

The victim had returned to work in international student affairs, seems to be targeted, said the police but didn’t find the reason behind the murder. 

Lt. Jon Radus of the Fullerton Police Department said that “we do not believe there is an active stabber on the loose.”

Law-Enforcement officers got hold of a backpack underneath the victim’s car, informed Lt. Radus that a bomb squad from the Sheriff’s Office in Orange County also found an incendiary device and “numerous items that could be used to conduct a kidnapping.”

Lt. Radus has refused to describe it in details but claims that the incendiary device was a bottle of flammable liquid with matches fixed with it. He continued that authorities believed that the backpack was left by mistake by the accused and it further indicates targeted attack. 

California State University Police has received a 911 call around 8:30 AM, reported about a man bleeding from head, said Lt. Radus. When officers replied minutes later to a parking lot near the administrative building on campus, they detected a man in his late 50s sitting in a silver Infiniti Sedan with stab injuries across his body.

Despite efforts by campus and city police to save his life, the victim was declared dead by Fullerton Fire Department workers when they arrived at the spot, he said. 

The witness who immediately called 911 found the attacker running away and described him as a boy in his 20s.

Bloodhounds from Orange County Sheriff’s Office were posted to get hold of the accused, said Lt. Radu at a news conference. He continued that they weren’t aware of threats made against any of faculty members. 

Cal State Fullerton President Framroze Virjee said in a written statement to campus that “our hearts and prayers go out to the family of the victim and all those affected by this tragic and senseless loss,” adding that “the safety and support of our Titan family remains our top priority, now and in the hours and days to come.”

Ellen Treanor, a spokesperson for California State University, said that police and university officials weren’t publicly identifying the victim. 

Officials informed on social media that the retired administrator had returned to campus to work as a consultant.

Student leaders didn’t immediately replied to request for remarks. 

The public university has around 40000 students and over 4000 faculty and staff members.

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