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Reports Show Secret North Korean Missile Site One of Twenty

by Haimantee Ghosh | January 22, 2019

After the declaration of White House plans for the next nuclear summit between the North Korea and the United States, the latest think tank report has recognized a secret North Korean ballistic missile base around 160 miles northwest of Seoul which is the headquarters of the strategic missile force of the country.

The report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies told the base is one of about 20 unsharp missile operating bases which is the part of ongoing ballistic missile program. Researchers of the Center’s Beyond Parallel project told the current report shows more evidence that North Korea is not destroying its facilities of weapons.

The report claimed, “While diplomacy is critical, and should be the primary way to resolve the North Korean nuclear problem, any future agreement must take account of all of the operational missile base facilities that are a threat to the US and South Korean security ”.

Victor Cha told, “North Korea is not supposed to have these ballistic missile bases ”, one of the authors of the report told, “And of course they have them and have not disclosed them ”.

After the historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in the last summer, Trump wrote on Twitter that there was “ no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea”.

The White House declared that Trump would hold the next summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in February as both sides wanted to kick-start the discussions about nuclear discussions which have impeded since their first historical meeting in summer.

A former National Security Council official Cha targeted on the Asian affairs and told, “North Korea ‘basically wants to trade away things they won’t do in the future, or to give up things from the past they don’t need anymore, while not negotiating over things like this, their actual capabilities ”.