President Trump To Discuss Hong Kong Protests With Xi Jinping at G20 Summit, Says Mike Pompeo - TNBC USA

The United States President Donald Trump will discuss Hong Kong’s mass protests with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the forthcoming G20 Summit, informed the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Mr. Pompeo said in an interview that “I think we’ll get the opportunity to see President Xi in just a couple weeks now at the G20 summit. I’m sure this will be among the issues that they discuss.”

“We see what’s happening, what’s unfolding in Hong Kong. We are watching the people of Hong Kong speak about the things they value,” added the US Secretary of State.

Last week, President Trump said that he hoped the protesters, who have taken to the streets to criticize a controversial extradition law – would “work it out” with China, while stopping short of criticizing the legislation that has been suspended now.

The US Secretary of State has insisted that “the President has always been a vigorous defender of human rights,” said President Trump’s forcing of widespread tariffs on Chinese products as a part of a trade debate showed his willingness to confront Beijing.

“For an awfully long time under Republican, Democrat presidents, we allowed China to take advantage of us on trade and in other ways. President Trump has pushed back very strongly against them,” added Mike Pompeo.

In 2019, G20 Summit will take place in Japan’s Osaka from June 28 to June 29.

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