On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry has said that Chinese President Xi Jinping and the United States President Donald Trump have been in continuous touch through “various means” when asked where the two leaders might meet to ink a trade deal.

On Friday, the US President has recommended that he could sign a long-awaited trade deal with China in the farm state of Iowa, which has been hard hit by tariffs in around 16-month trade war between the largest economies across the world.

President Trump continued that negotiations about the “phase one” deal was going well and further hoped to sign the agreement with the Chinese President at a location in America when work on the deal was completed.

China has so far not been drawn on where Xi Jinping may go to meet Donald Trump, apart from claiming that it was “pure speculation” they could meet in Macau.

Today, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang was equally taciturn.

Without detailing, Shuang told sources that “as for a meeting between the leaders of China and the United States, what I can say is that President Xi Jinping and President Trump have maintained continuous contact through various means.”

Chinese and American negotiators have been struggling to finalize a text of “phase one” deal for Xi Jinping and President Trump to sign in November, a process clouded by wrangling over the demands of America for a timetable of Chinese purchases of US-based farm products.

A crucial date is December 15, when new US tariffs on Chinese imports, such as toys, laptops, and electronics are set to kick in. Both the nations have an interest in reaching a deal and avoiding those tariffs.

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