President Trump Condemns British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit Divorce Deal - TNBC USA

On Thursday, the United States President Donald Trump has criticized British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit divorce deal, claiming it made it impossible to plan a future commercial agreement with America.

President Trump has said in an interview with Brexit campaign figurehead Nigel Farage, “This deal…you can’t do it, you can’t trade. We can’t make a trade deal with the UK.”

His comments stood odds with his previous pledge in September that he was closely working with PM Johnson to hit a “magnificent trade deal” once the UK left the European Union.

PM Johnson struck the term for the departure of the United Kingdom with Brussels but hasn’t been unable to push it through the Parliament.

The UK Prime Minister hopes for a General Election, scheduled on December 12, will break the deadlock, offering him the majority that will assist him to get the enabling legislation approved.

Donald Trump’s intervention came effectively on the first full day of campaigning that seen PM Johnson tour a school and fellow a white coast for a visit to the hospital.

On Wednesday, he said that he had hit a “fantastic deal” with the EU in the Parliament, and the following day has promised the UK would meet the latest Brexit deadline of January 31, 2020.  

President Trump told Farage that “we can do many times the numbers that we’re doing right now – and certainly much bigger numbers than you’re doing under the European Union.”

Nigel Farage is a close ally of Donald Trump, has criticized former President Barack Obama in 2016 for “interfering” in the UK democracy after he remarked on possible America-Britain trade deal post-Brexit.

He remained hard about speculation as he could form an electoral pact with PM Johnson to avoid opening the pro-Brexit vote.

His Brexit Party, which secured the biggest share of votes at European Parliament Elections in May, has its official campaign launch today.

However, the US President has said, “I’d like to see you and Boris get together because you’d really have some numbers, because you did fantastically in the last election, and he respects you a lot.”

He continued, “I think it’d be a great thing.”

Farage further stated that he would be “right behind” Boris Johnson but only “if he drops this dreadful deal.”

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