President Trump Condemn Tulsi Gabbard Over His Claim Of Supporting Al Qaeda - TNBC USA

The United States President Donald Trump has criticized as “ridiculous” Democratic Party Leader Tulsi Gabbard, the first Hindu for a run for the US Presidency, for asserting that he is “supporting” terror outfit Al Qaeda.

On Wednesday, during the second Democratic Presidential Debate, the Hawaiian Lawmaker has charged President Trump of ‘supporting’ Al Qaeda. 

She alleged that “this current President is continuing to betray us,” adding that “we were supposed to be going after Al Qaeda. But over years now, not only have we not gone after Al Qaeda, our president is supporting Al Qaeda.”

On Thursday, President Trump has slammed Tulsi Gabbard for such “ridiculous allegations”. 

The US President was quoted saying, “For her (Gabbard) to make that statement is so ridiculous, frankly. And she has taken a lot of heat on it because nobody has done more against that war than I have.’

Donald Trump is seeking for re-election in 2020 Presidential Election in the United States. 

He continued that Ms. Gabbard is not aware of what she is talking about. 

“If you remember, a short while ago, I defeated ISIS. We have 100 percent of the caliphate. So you’re always going to have somebody around. Right now we have captured over 10,000. We have 2,500 ISIS fighters that we want Europe to take because they were going back into Europe – into France, into Germany, into various places,” said the US President.

However, Ms. Gabbard has defended her debate claim. 

Ms. Gabbard has cited President Trump’s “support and alliance with Saudi Arabia that is both providing direct and indirect support to Al Qaeda,” when she talked to Shannon Bream of “Fox News @ Night” after the debate.

President Trump further claims that Democratic Presidential hopeful Indian-American Kamala Harris didn’t perform well during the Democratic Party’s Presidential debate, while former Vice President Joe Bidden has performed better than the previous ones. 

When enquired about last night’s Presidential Debate among 10 Democratic onlookers, President Trump told sources at the White House that “I think that Kamala did not do well last night. I think Biden did okay. He came through. He came limping through, as I say about Sleepy Joe. He limped right through it. But he got through it. He really did. I think he was okay.”

“I think Kamala had a bad night last night, I would say. But it’s really boiling down to four or five of them. Let’s face it,” he said in his impression about the Democratic Party’s Presidential Debate. 

In the first Presidential Debate, the California’s Senator Kamala Harris came out victory as an outcome of which there was a sudden jump in her fund raised.

While Ms. Harris made a vigorous performance, she was attacked by other Democratic Presidential aspirants, including Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

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