President Trump Asked United States To “Be careful With Threats From Iran - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, the United States President Donald Trump has warned Iran that its threats could “come back to bite” after Tehran promises to exceed the maximum uranium enrichment level permitted by a landmark 2015 Nuclear Deal.

Referring to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the US President tweets, “Iran has just issued a New Warning. Rouhani says that they will Enrich Uranium to ‘any amount we want’ if there is no new Nuclear Deal.”

He continued, “Be careful with the threats, Iran. They can come back to bite you like nobody has been bitten before!”

Iran is working on its May 8 threat to defer parts of the deal in reply to the President Trump’s imposition of crippling sanctions after withdrawn from it in May 2019.

President Rouhani said that he has decided to exceed the enrichment limit was in reply to failure by other parties to agreement to maintain their promises and offer Iran relief from the US Sanctions.

The enrichment maximum set in the accord is enough for generating power but far below 90 percent level requisite for a nuclear weapon.

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