President Trump Announces Stepping Down Of Rick Perry As Energy Secretary - TNBC USA

On Thursday, the United States President Donald Trump has said that Energy Secretary Rick Perry, who is accused of impeachment probe overtaking President Trump, stood down, marks the latest departure of a senior administration personality. 

While speaking in Texas, President Trump was quoted saying, “Rick has done a fantastic job at Energy but it was time – three years is a long time,” adding that “we already have his replacement.”

The announcement was made a day after the publication of an interview in which Mr. Perry has said – on the US President’s orders he had interfaced with the President’s personal advocate Rudy Giuliani over reported corruption in Ukraine.

Donald Trump is threatened with impeachment for creating pressure of his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky to probe his Democratic rival before the 2020 Presidential Elections in the United States of America. 

The impeachment inquiry was conducted by the House of Democrats and issued a subpoena to Rick Perry last week, directed him to turn over data related to his dealings with Ukraine by October 18.

Mr. Perry drove forward President Trump’s “energy dominance” policy that included enhancing sales of the United States fossil fuels to Ukraine and other foreign nations and oversaw a sharp rise in the production of fossil fuels. 

President Trump defended Mr. Perry had told him of his plans to resign a month earlier and would leave the office at the end of this year. 

Sources informed that the US President had earlier considered the Energy Secretary for other senior posts, including the Chief of Staff, due to his avoidance of personal scandals that had already hit many of his colleagues.

Rick Perry was nominated for the key role in December 2016. He was one of the longest-serving Cabinet Members in an administration marked by high turnover.

In 2001 Republican Presidential Debate, Mr. Perry had infamously forgotten the name of the department he later came in-charge of as the head. 

He further stated to eliminate three government agencies but could think of only two. 

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