President Trump Addresses “Big Success” With Safe Zone At Turkey-Syria Border - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, the United States President Donald Trump has greeted a deal struck between Turkey and Russia to remove the Kurdish fighters from the Syria-Turkey Border, called the deal a “big success”. 

President Trump has been under fire for abruptly withdrawing the US troops from Northern Syria, paves the way for Turkey to introduce the offensive attacks against the Kurds, American allies against the ISS. 

Under the agreement struck in Sochi, Syrian Border Guards and the Russian Military Police will “facilitate the removal” of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units fighters and their weapons from within 18 miles (30 km) of the border area. 

It will further experience Turkey to preserve a “safe zone” inside Northern Syria nearly 20-miles deep and 75-miles long. Eventually, Turkey and Russia will introduce joint patrols along the zone. 

President Trump tweets, “Big success on the Turkey/Syria Border. Safe Zone created! Ceasefire has held and combat missions have ended. Kurds are safe and have worked very nicely with us. Captured ISIS prisoners secured. I will be making a statement at 11:00 A.M from the White House. Thank you!”

The prospect of thousands of ISS outfit escaping in the chaos after Turkey has introduced its military action on October 9 has created broad alarm in the West. 

On Tuesday, Turkey has said that there is “no need” to restart its military attacks against the Kurds, stated that the US has told it that the Kurdish withdrawal from the Syrian Border in completed.  

Turkey has made the announcement hours after the five-day-long ceasefire ended in the Turkish group’s incursion into what had been a safe zone for the Kurdish in Northern Syria.

Donald Trump has further stated that he would make a statement on developments in the region at 11:00 AM from the White House. 

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