President Erdogan Warns To Resume Attacks “With Greater Determination” On Northern Syria - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to resume the military offensive in Northern Syria “with greater determination” unless the removal of Kurdish fighters is completed under the US-brokered deal.

Ahead of discussion with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Turkish President told sources that “if the promises given to our country by the United States are not kept, we will continue our operation from where we left off with greater determination.”

Followed by a deal with the United States Vice President Mike Pence, Turkey has announced a 120-hour delay of the offensive from October 18, under which the Kurdish fighters were removed to allow a “safe zone” to be developed along the border area. 

President Erdogan was about to meet President Putin in the Black Sea Resort of Sochi at the end of the 120-hour deadline. 

He continued, “We will have the opportunity to discuss steps to end (Kurdish fighters) presence in regime-held areas.”

Last week, President Erdogan has said that he wasn’t bothered by the presence of the Damascus Regime in various regions along the Turkish Border. 

The Turkish President has further declined a call to extend the ceasefire by the French President Emmanuel Macron. 

Refers to a meeting between Jihane Ahmed and the French President, President Erdogan has said that “there is no such proposal that was conveyed to me from Macron. Macron is, in fact, talking about such things mostly with terrorists.”

President Erdogan has said that “he preferred to communicate the terrorists offer to us. France is not our interlocutor,” adding that the nation was in touch with the United States over Northern Syria.

On Monday, President Macron told the Russian President Vladimir Putin that France urges to see an extension of the ceasefire in Northeast Syria, said the Elysee Palace in a statement. 

After a telephonic conversation between the two top leaders, the Presidency has said that “the President underscored the importance of prolonging the current ceasefire, and of ending the crisis by diplomatic means.”

Ankara stated that the YPG is a “terrorist” offshoot of the forbidden Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) that has been waging an insurgency since 1984 inside Turkey.

The European Union, Ankara, and America have further blacklisted the PKK as a terror outfit.

President Erdogan also confirmed the withdrawal of some PKK fighters from the proposed “safe zone” as he urges to extend from Jarabulus in Northwestern Syria up to the Iraqi Border.

“Around 700-800 have withdrawn so far,” said the Turkish Presiden that the remaining 1200-1300 would allegedly be pulling out.

President Erdogan further warned that “we are pursuing it. The process will not be over without a full withdrawal.”

He has expressed his unease with some opposition from Iran to the Turkish attack in Northern Syria, adding that President Rouhani “should have silenced those voices”. 

“This bothers me and my colleagues,” added President Erdogan.

Citing a planned meeting with President Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Turkish President has said that it could take place ahead of the NATO Summit on December 3 and 4, near London.

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