“Potentially Historic” Severe Snowstorm To Hit Along With Rain In US Midwest - TNBC USA

Depending on location, between Wednesday and Thursday, a major storm is going to hit on the midwest US. As per the prediction of the weather office, it will hit the midsection of the nation along with heavy rain, blinding snow, and thunderous winds.

In the northern Plains, blizzard warnings have been issued, as well as winter storm warnings from the region of Continental Divide to the Great Lakes. In the south region, a major wind storm is becoming powerful with steam. Extreme thunderstorms along with flooding will increase the risk more than a storm.

The rapid signs of pressure dropping clearly indicate an under developing severe storm., were hitting the east part of the Rockies on Tuesday. While the storm deepening slowly, it is assumed to acquire strength fast till Wednesday morning and could set a record low pressure in April.

As per the information of the Greg Carbin of the National Weather Service Prediction Center, new records of low-pressure ratio could be mainstreamed in Kansas,  breaking the previous remarks established during the 1974 super tornado outbreak.

Mostly in South Dakota and the individual parts of northwestern Nebraska as well as Southwestern Minnesota, a severe snowstorm warning has been issued. As per the assumptions of the weather report experts  12 to 18 inches of snow are expected in the entire region between Wednesday and Thursday. Southwestern South Dakota and Western Minnesota may get 11/2 to 21/2 feet of snow.

A number of regions could be under thundersnow, the powerful winds will create insane conditions along with limited visibility.

In Denver, high temperature has been forecasted to be near 80 degrees Tuesday. The continuous rain will be turned to snow on Wednesday. The weather report suggests a severe winter storm which will trigger 3 to 6 inches of snowfall on Wednesday night. In South Central Nebraska, North Platte is expecting 8 to 12 inches of snow. To the North, wind roars are expected to be about 50 mph. The capital of South Dakota, Pierre is under a blizzard warning on Wednesday afternoon through predawn on Friday, while a foot 11/2 feet of snow is predicted.

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