Pakistani Activist Gulalai Ismail “Escapes” To America, Seeks Political Asylum - TNBC USA

Pakistani Rights Activist Gulalai Ismail has “escaped” authorities in Islamabad and reached the United States, where she has applied for political asylum, reported source. 

The 32-year-old Gulalai Ismail is presently residing with his sister in Brooklyn, said The New York Times

Ms. Ismail didn’t reveal how she managed to leave the nation but she said, “I didn’t fly out of any airport.”

She was quoted saying, “I can’t tell you any more… My exit story will put many lives at risk.”

In November 2018, Islamabad High Court was informed that the Inter-Services Intelligence had recommended putting her names on the Exit Control List for her reported anti-state activities abroad. 

Following a petition by Ms. Ismail challenging the decision of Islamabad Government to put her name on the ECL, the court had directed to remove her name from the list. 

However, Islamabad High Court has permitted the Interior Ministry to take necessary action, including confiscation of her passport, suggestions made by ISI. 

According to the report of The New York Times,  Ms. Ismail had remained a fugitive since late May.

“Security services were searching for her in every corner of the country, raiding her friends’ houses and closing in on her family,” said sources. 

It continued that Ms. Ismail was still worried about her parents residing in Islamabad “who face charges of financing terrorism and remain under heavy surveillance.”

Ms. Ismail has allegedly met several “human rights defenders” in America and the staffs of congressional leaders. 

Gulalai Ismail has introduced a research and advocacy group termed Voices for Peace and Democracy objected at protecting women in the conflict-hit zones across the globe. 

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