In fundamental school, classmates in Northern Virginia required her for the “disgusting” curry and roti her Pakistani mother provided for lunch. In first grade, they said the henna configures that enveloped her hands and wrists looked unrefined.

In middle school, the persecuting and taunts of “terrorist” intensified. Until she was 14 Duaa Hammad irritated the strictness of her parents along with their traditional values. She drags away from her family heritage, as well as religion, believing it would stalk the bullying and make her more American.

Hammad said, “ Growing up, I felt like I needed to be American. I felt like being Muslim or Pakistani wasn’t good enough”. He added, “I felt that really heavily in school and that literally made me hate being Pakistani. ”

She battled with the contrast in “Finding Home”, a self-published book of poetry, which is spread in four sections and maps her search for “a place to call home”.

By the time she arrived her senior year at Freedom High School in London County, at Virginia in the last year, the antagonism she cherished toward her instruction as a first-generation immigrant had subsided -assisted by more tolerant confreres and a vivid-eyed sense of self.

She had made calmness with the crushing that punctuated her earlier years and comes to feeling deep pleasure and with deep compassionately bestrides the in-between of being Pakistani-American. But as she witnessed racist swearing and exclusive ideas rise to distinction in the Trump era and as she pondered her 10-year-old brother’s future, a question raised: What about the next generation?

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