Official Report Shows Death Toll Reaches 85 in the Fuel Explosion in Mexico - TNBC USA

In Central Mexico, the count of dead victims trapped in the flaming explosion have reached 85. The Mexican authority took the vow to hold those accountable who deliberately punctured the fuel line which obtaining hundreds of people for looking for to collect gasoline before the inflaming.

The investigation for human lasts at the site of the fiery explosion, in the state of Hidalgo ended in last Saturday.  While the families started to bury the dead body of their dear ones, officials gave signals that death toll could rise still.

Mexican Health Minister Jorge Alcocer told 85 deaths were ensured and that another 58 people were admitted in Hidalgo, while due to worse condition others have been shifted for more intensive treatment.

The family members of the victims have requested the government for continuing the searching for the remaining victims and send forensic experts for this purpose.

Funerals have already started, but the hand over proceeding has become slow because of the transformation of the burned victims has become beyond the identification.

The State prosecutor of Hidalgo told 54 of the dead victims could not be identified and they required DNA analysis.

Hundreds of people had been drawn to the spot where the suspected fuel burglar punctured the pipeline in the town of Tlahuelilpan. The captured images by the media exhibited a strong and fast spreading stream of fuel decamping from a pipeline from a pipeline as people intersected on the site along with buckets and cans for collecting gasoline.

A massive blast swept over the surrounding area by flames, and in the images captured by the local media showed the people yelling and escaping, many of them are severely injured and their clothes are burned.


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