Oak Tree Symbolises Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron Friendship Is Dead - TNBC USA

The picture of the United States President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron seen planting an oak tree in the garden of White House symbolizes the friendship evinced by the two leaders.

However, the relationship between the two have since ragged over the issue of ranging from Iran to trade, and a tree didn’t survive, reports a diplomatic source.

President Macron offered the young oak tree to President Trump on the occasion of a state visit to Washington in 2018, and both dig dirt around it under the watchful eyes of their ladies and cameras from across the globe.

It was also a symbolic gesture: the oak tree arrived from a Northern French Forest where 2000 US Marines died in the First World War.

But a few days later, the oak trees was nowhere to be found, have been disappeared into quarantine.

A French Ambassador to US, Gerard Araud wrote, “It is a quarantine which is mandatory for any living organism imported into the US,” adding that it would be replanted later.

However, it was never replanted- the oak tree died during its quarantine, added the diplomatic source.

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