Nightclub Shooting In Mexico Snatches 15 Lives : Prosecutor - TNBC USA

At least 15 men have killed in the brutal shooting at a nightclub in central Mexico, as per the information of the prosecutors. Another four people, three men along with woman have been injured severely according to the official representative of the public prosecutor, Juan Jose Martinez.

In Guanajuato state, where the departments have initiated an operation against the criminal gang’s criminals for the active involvement with fuel theft.

The attack occurred earlier on Saturday, as several deliberately armed men began firing at the La Playa nightclub in Slamdance and rapidly leaving in a vehicle.

The four injured people were admitted to the nearby hospital. So far none of the victims have been pinpointed.

The site of the shooting incident, Salamanca is nearby the main pipeline of state oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, where fuel burglar have looted from the firm around $3 billion over the last few years.

In late January, a fake bomb was discovered in a car parked within the reach of the refinery.

Adjacently, the new signs were discovered blackmailing Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and inquiring that he withdraw from the area where the soldiers combating against fuel theft gangs.

Salamanca is less than 100 kilometers from Santa Rosa de Lima, where few days before the authorities directed an operation against Juan Antonio, Yepez, the accused leader of a fuel-stealing cartel.

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