Nicolas Maduro Vowed “Won’t Touch My Single Hair” Saying US Wants His Execution - TNBC USA

Nicolas Maduro, the Socialist Venezuelan President indicted the Trump Administration claiming that they want to execute him, for the differential strategy which always affects the diplomatic relation between this two ideologically opposing nations.

Citing the comments of Maduro, a representative of the National Security Council of White House said, “ US policy preference for a peaceful, orderly return to democracy in Venezuela remains unchanged. ”

The opposition party of Venezuela commented that Maduro pitches a ridiculous indications at the ideological opposition nation for distracting the focus from his own ineffectiveness.

Since 2015 around 2 million citizens of Venezuela have escaped from the deceased oil-rich nation, impelled out by the ruthless crisis of food and medicine, monetary inflation, a rise of violence and crime and more distressing factors.

Washington has instituted several ratifications on Venezuela, condemning Maduro as an ineffective leader who has revoked human rights and provokes an economic emergency.

Maduro led government has to confront the indictment brought by White House for the incrimination in the death of an imprisoned politician of Venezuela. The prison authority claimed that the politician has committed suicide but the opposition parties professed that it was a murder case.

The dictator of Venezuela, who is a former bus driver, as well as a union leader stated in a telecast that the United States has directed the officials of neighbouring Colombia to slay him.

Maduro said, “ They have given the order from the White House that Maduro is killed.” rounded by the workers. He also took the vow that “ they will not even touch a single hair of mine”.

Maduro neither provides any clarification for his indictments nor any proof. The information ministry of Venezuela did not count to a plea for details information.

Maduro professes that he is the victim of a planned “ economic war” headed by US-sponsored adversaries.



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