Authorities reported that a woman left behind a baby after her car met with an accident in Queens on Wednesday night. The eyewitnesses gave her statement saying that the crash took place while another driver pursued to catch up with her through the locale.

“He started to chase me, five blocks, six blocks,” said the woman, Malika George. “I’m passing the red light, he’s passing the red light behind me and I lost control, hit the school premises. His car is parked behind me and my daughter’s in the car seat, she looks fine. I turned to a lady I didn’t even know and said listen, can you hold my daughter for an hour? I’m going to go down, regardless, because I have no car insurance, no license, I’m young, I’m just trying to learn how to drive. I miss my daughter so much and I would do anything in the world to get her back. I work two jobs and I have to have a car to get to work, to get home.”

The woman was 25 and worked as a guard for the Department of Homeless Services in the New York City. She gave a statement citing that she intended to turn towards the cops however, she wished to reach to the hospital first in order to look for her little one.

The girl was rushed to the nearby Jamaica Hospital for scrutiny by the police. Luckily she escaped injury and ACS was handed the responsibly for the child’s care.

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