Latest New York News– On Thursday, the police said, “A hoops fanatic on his way to basketball practice was shot to death in front of his horrified girlfriend in Brooklyn”. Latrell Brown, aged16, was killed, allegedly by Justin Delapara, outside a Macon St. building near Lewis Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant at 2 p.m. on Wednesday.

Latrell Brown was shot to death after exchanging words with a stranger.

“Latrell asks the guy if he has a problem. He turns around and shoots him,” she told the Daily News. “I ran to him. I took my shirt and covered his head. I told him I needed him and loved him. I and Latrell were walking, and this guy was making a face,” said girlfriend Sabrina Tucker, 17, who was best friends with the victim before they began dating three years ago. She indicated that the victim didn’t recognize the shooter.

“How you gonna take somebody’s life like that?” she said outside her East New York home. “What are you doing carrying a gun?”

“He practices every day,” said the coach. “If he’s not playing or practicing with me, he’s outside playing in the street. All that dedication and practice had paid off — Latrell was going to be the team’s captain going into senior year, his coach said.

“College player I would say for sure,” he said. “We’re going to plead not guilty,” the defendant’s attorney Mitchell Elman said at his client’s arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court late Thursday. “We’re going to fight these charges vigorously”.

The alleged killer’s stunned father, speaking outside the brownstone neighbors said he and his wife own, claimed his son was a “decent kid.” The home is less than 100 feet from where Brown was shot.

“He’s a good person,” said Dave Delapara, 48, as he climbed into a black SUV with his wife on their way to the courthouse. “He goes to private school. Everyone in the neighborhood will tell you he’s decent. I can’t believe he had it in him,” said next-door-neighbor Reginald Belgrave, 77. “He seemed to be a serious young man”.

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