Junior's Law: New York to introduce legislation requiring small businesses to be save havens for minors - TNBC USA

After the unbelievable incident of murder, committed of the Bronx teenager Lesandro ‘Junior’ Guzman-Feliz outside a bodega, now the politicians have introduced a new legislation, which will require small businesses to protect young children in their community.

Some of Junior’s family members outside at a press conference at the bodega said, “We want to make sure that any business owner or their employees who encounter a situation involving a minor who has been abused or may be in danger has a duty to try to help,” he said. “Community businesses should be safe havens for our youth. They should promptly notify the police”.

He added that another measure of the bill would ensure those small businesses to have first aid kits on hand “to help those who are injured to save lives”. Mr. Cruz explained that he did not ask any of the Junior to leave, but he was only pointing to a local hospital a block away, adding that he made two 911 calls from inside the deli but the emergency services were taking too long to arrive.

After the attack, the bleeding boy, who was a pupil at the Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health and Science Charter School, ran back into the bodega. In the video, a man appears to be pointing to the door. The proposed bill has the support of Junior’s father Lisandro Guzman, who said in a statement: “I feel very content and with all my heart I hope the bill that carries my son’s name gets passed so it can prevent situations like this from happening again and so we can create more security for our beloved children”.

“When somebody goes and jumps all over the counter my first reaction was to stop it,” he recalled. “When he gets down again and I recognized him and he came back again, so I tried to hold him I don’t know what’s going on. And when he told me they’re looking for me, they’re running for me, so I helped him bring him down”.


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