New York Police Discover Couple Whose Engagement Ring Went Down a Drain - TNBC USA

Just before midnight, on a sidewalk, a man was standing near the Olive Garden in Times Square, marked that the spot was romantic enough. The sidewalk itself is unexceptional. It is wide spacious enough for shoppers to push down the street. The sewer sparkle with trash.

Police Department of New York said, his girlfriend said yes, but the unfamiliar man scrabbled the engagement ring. It moved quickly eight feet up into a utility shade.

A surveillance video published by the department present apparently agitated man, his hands acted like a comedian appealing with a crowd after a bad joke. The unrecognized woman bent-down to evaluates the fall. The man lay down to look into the abyss keenly. The couple asked officers of that area for help. A department representative Sgt. Lee Jones, told in The Washington Post on Sunday. But they could not recover the ring. The couple went away without filing the report in police or giving their contact information.

Officers came back to the scene removing the shred and recovered the ring, then initiated a social media complain about finding the couple. Almost 12,000 people have retweeted on the video since Saturday. One choice reply, channelling Beyonce: ”He should have put a string on it. ”

The department rinsed the ring and posted images of it recorded to a chair on social media, along with spying photos of the couple. But there have not been any vowing leads., according to Jones.

According to the department, the woman is just over 5 feet tall with blond hair. The man is about 5 – to 10 with a “manicured beard”. The story seized headlines, with one calling it a “romantic proposal”.

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