New H-1B visa restrictions will be declared till Monday: President Trump - TNBC USA

President Donald Trump on Saturday during an interview with Fox News said he will be declaring new restrictions on various work visas on Sunday or Monday. His plan to ban employment-based visas may affect nearly 240,000 people seeking to work in the US across industries from technology to finance and hospitality.

Trump was asked regarding the upcoming rules on different visa categories to which he hinted about some exclusions. The H-1B program for high-skilled workers, the L-1 program for managers transferring within their companies, and H-2B visas for non-agricultural temporary workers all are included in the categories.

“In some cases you have to have exclusions. You need them for big businesses where they have certain people that have been coming in for a long time,” he said.

Two officials familiar with the proposal said the new visa restrictions may restrict people from entering the US on visa categories including the H-1B program for as long as 180 days. As per new information, workers who were granted those visas but remain outside the country may not be able to enter the country until the order expires.

Thousands of people and companies will be affected by this move. The H-1B visa was granted to about 133,000 workers who started initial employment with a company in fiscal year 2019. Under L-1 visa, there are 12,000 people and more than 98,000 people were issued H-2B visas. During the peak point of the pandemic, President Trump planned to temporarily suspend immigration into the country. 

Expressing concern about the disruption of business and hamper growth, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Information Technology Industry Council, wrote a letter to Trump. The approval rate for application has decreased and the Trump administration has been moving to tighten the H-1B program. The H-1B visa was the most effective way for the technology industries to hire foreign talent, especially in science and engineering.

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