New Book Claims, Trump Wanted to Assassinate Assad - TNBC USA

The defence Secretary of  US President Donald Trump did not acknowledge the planning of assassination of Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian President. The new book portrays the personality of Trump as quite dangerous for taking some incompatible precedential orders which damages his identity.

The book “ Fear: Trump in The White House” written by renowned reporter Bob Woodward and published by the post of Washington. The book consists of all the topic detailings from the occurrence of 11 September to the latest tensions under 20 months presidency of Trump within the White House.  

Woodward portrays the personality of Trump as an “ administrative coup d’etat and a nervous breakdown of the executive branch”.  American President Donald Trump is s portrayed as a chaotic character who is prone to irrelevant outbursts being an impulsive decision maker.

This book stated that Trump ordered his defence secretary Jim Mattis to assassinate Assad, the Syrian President after his launching the terrible chemical attack on the civilians in April 2017.

According to this book, Mattis told the association that Trump takes his impulsive decisions like a fifth or sixth gender after any kind of incident based on separatism.

The representative of White House Sarah Sanders told in this book, “ nothing more than fabricated stories, many by former disgruntled employees, told to make the president look bad. ” Though Pentagon completely rejected the comments.

Woodward acquired a great national fame for raising the Watergate scandal topic of 1970  in his writing in this book and also for the glimpses of backdrop scenes of various institutions of Washington along with the presidential administration.

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