This is for the first time in 50 years that a trainee astronaut of NASA has resigned from his post on Tuesday, reports US Space agency.

The NASA Trainee Astronaut named Robb Kulin, his registration would be effective from August 31, 2018. He mentioned the reason behind his resignation from NASA as for personal reasons, said spokesperson Brandi Dean. She rejected to have a further conversation over the issue behind Kulin’s resignation from the trainee astronaut’s post.

It is not that easy to get appointed as trainee astronaut is USA’s NASA, as over 18,000 people every year tried to get appointed in the NASA.

NASA Trainee Astronaut Robb Kulin resigns from his post |

Robb Kulin recently joined at the trainee astronaut post in NASA, who is sounding upbeat. Kulin is the first to get appointed as trainee astronaut in NASA and has given his resignation to leave his post. Since the year 1968, this is the first resignation that NASA is receiving from a trainee astronaut.



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