Missouri Is One Among Few States Passed Restrictive Abortion Laws - TNBC USA

Missouri is dignified this week for becoming the only US State without accessing of legal abortions as the personnel of the public health may decline to restart the license of the last clinic in Missouri for performing the proceeding, scheduled Parenthood said on Tuesday.

The State Department of Health and Senior Services director Randall  Williams told the St. Louis Post Dispatch that the State will take a decision by Friday on whether to resume the license of Reproductive Health Services of Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, which is the only clinic in the state for performing abortions.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed a bill prohibiting abortion starting in the eighth week of pregnancy, triggering Missouri be among the eight states which have passed anti-abortion legislation this year.

Among the few states which have passed restricted abortion laws in the recent months as anti-abortion activists  say they target for promoting the recent lodged conservative majority on the US Supreme Court for reversing the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that settled the right of woman for terminating her pregnancy by legislating these laws which are effectively assured of confronting court challenges.

The license for Reproductive Health Services for providing abortions ends on Friday, after which it may no longer offer abortions. It would continue issuing other healthcare services, according to a Planned Parenthood representative.

President of Planned Parenthood Federation, Leana Wen said, “this is a real public health crisis ”. She also added, “ more than a million women of reproductive age in Missouri will no longer have access to a health center in the state they live in that provides abortion care.”

The personnel of the State Department of health told Reproductive Health services said it could not approve a license until it interrogated seven of its physicians who thought the state might be involved in “potential deficient practices”, the clinic said in litigation which it filed against the State in St. Louis Court on Tuesday.

In the legislation, which appeals to a ruling against the state, as per the clinic personnel, they are at a standoff with the public health officials over the interviews along with the other physicians since they are not personnel of Planned Parenthood and have not admitted being interviewed.

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