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Millions of people are facing high life-risk from excessive flooding in the middle and Northeast Atlantic. However, heavy downpours are expected to hit larger parts this week.

An area of almost 670 miles, stretching from South Carolina to New York was under water and alert with other-related weather warnings on Tuesday morning.

Cities including D.C, Washington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore were already suffering from extreme rainfall over this weekend. Hence, this week all these cities are further expected to be among the wettest.

The National Weather Service reports that five inches of downpours are expected to fall between Monday and Thursday. This situation may also lead to probable dangers, even life-risk of innocents and result in the flood over the regions.

Floods in Atlantic/

The agency also reports that thunderstorm and showers are thought to be rapidly increasing and will continue till Wednesday, with a number of possible torrential rainfall. This extreme situation in this weekend’s rainfall may surely result in flash flooding as well.

The excessive weekend storms broke all the records of past years rainfall in Maryland and Virginia, closing roads, soil saturated and sparking multiple water rescues.

On Monday, regions of Pennsylvania already faced flash flooding, which was followed by a disaster and emergency. A theme park near Harrisburg named Hershey Park was forced to immediately close its door, in order to remain safe.

However, on Wednesday the heavy downpour is forecasted to shift to regions of New England before a cold front get cleared on Thursday.

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