Mike Pompeo Claim “Difficult Moment“, As US Diplomatic Personnels To Leave Venezuela - TNBC USA

According to the US State Secretary Mike Pompeo, the United States has pulled out all the residual diplomatic officials from its embassy in Caracas amid the deepening crisis in Venezuela.

He told in a statement, “Today, all US diplomats remaining in Venezuela departed the country. I know it is a difficult moment for them ”. He also added, “ They are fully dedicated to our mission of supporting the Venezuelan people’s aspirations to live in a democracy and build a better future for their families”.

Venezuela is kindled with a drastic economic crisis, as well as severe inflation which was inflamed by the rise of the opposition leader Juan Guaido, the opposing leader of Venezuela, as well as national assembly speaker who declared himself as an interim President of Venezuela in last January.

The embassy shutdown is set to heighten already disturbed relations with US President, Donald Trump, who has not excluded military deployment for throwing Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, as Washington monitors promptly unrolling events in the oil-rich but incapacitated the South American Nation.

The US has already enforced approvals steamed to reduce the oil sales in Venezuela, the vital force of the leftist government in Caracas.

The South American socialist government ruled a country,  started to return in normal condition from Thursday, following a weeklong blackout for which the Maduro government accused US interruptive forces for instigating a plotted sabotage to drive out Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro.

The State US Secretary, Mike Pompeo told the diplomatic personnel would resume  their work from the outside of Venezuela for its progressive future, as well as to assist making  possible the easy entry of humanitarian aid and back those “bravely resisting tyranny.”

The US State Secretary Mike Pompeo professed that the government of the United States, at all levels, remains strict in its resolution and support for the people of Venezuela, as well as Interim President Juan Guaido.

Mr Pompeo also added, “ We look forward to resuming our presence once the transition to democracy begins.”

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