Migrant Mother Did Not Expect US Border Patrol Would Fire Tear Gas to Children - TNBC USA

At the US-Mexico border, a migrant mother has been captured while she was rushing with her daughters for getting rid of tear gas.  According to her she never thought that Border Patrol of US can fire tear gas at the families including children.

After starting from Honduras and staying a week in the Mexican border city of Tijuana, the migrant mother Maria Meza of 35 years old appeared on the border crossing of US along with her five children to claim asylum at the border crossing of US.

Being blocked by the Mexican police she and the hundreds of Central American migrants mounted a strong protest in front of the border and some of them hurrying towards the US fence. She told in an interview at the migrant shelter of Tijuana, that the US border force throw tear gas canisters towards the land where Meza was landed along with her children who are from the age range of toddlers to teenagers. Meza said, “The first thing I did was grab my children ”.The captured image of Meza who was holding the hands of her twin five years old daughters Chilli and Saira, alongside her 13 years old daughters Jamie has become viral in media and inflamed some charities and lawmakers sparking their angry reactions.

Meza said, “I was scared, and I thought I was going to die with them because of the gas ”. Her young son James fainted while the tin of tear gas landed near him and Meza fell down. When she was struggling hard for getting up to get rid of gas, a young man raised his hand and pulled her to stand up on her feet.

Meza said viewing the rusted steel fence of US border, “We never thought they were going to fire these bombs where there were children because there were lots of children ”. Meza also said, “It wasn’t right, they know we are human beings, the same as them ”.

The department of US Homeland Security claimed the officials of Border Protection and US Customs were halted by the throwings by the migrants.

Almost 5,200 people who visited in a caravan from Mexico are loaded into the shelter in the stadium in Tijuana and living in temporary tents.

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