Micheal Cohen Claims About Order By Trump To Make 500 Threats Over 10 Years - TNBC USA

The US President Donald Trump gave the order to his personal attorney to make threats for him almost 500 times over the last 10 years, according to former lawyer Michael Cohen. During presenting testimony before the US House of Representative’s Oversight Committee, the longtime “fixer” of the US President stated a boss who was “ intoxicating”  but also profoundly imprecise a “conman” who lied without hesitation. Former attorney of the US President, Michael Cohen expressed his lament about his “misplaced loyalty” to Trump and told he was humiliated of “ concealing Mr. Trump’s illicit acts”.

The Democratic US Representative Jackie Speier questioned him, “ How many times did Mr. Trump order you to threaten an individual or entity on his behalf?” Cohen responded, “Quite a few times ”


“50 times?”


“100 times?”


“200 times?”


“500 times?”

Cohen responded, “Probably ”, claiming the threats sometimes  required legislation or “ an argument with a nasty reporter that is writing an article.”

Michael Cohen presented copies of the letter before the committee, in which he stated the behest threatening of the US President in high school and colleges for not to release his grades or test scores.

Cohen wrote in a letter to Fordham University, “ We will hold your institution liable to the fullest extent of the law including damages and criminality”.

The top Republican, as well as US Representative of the panel, Jim Jordan read from a curse-laced threatening of legal action made by Cohen to a daily in 2015 Cohen admitted about the comments which he made for safeguarding the US President from a negative story.

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