Mexico Arrested Over 800 Migrants, Including 368 Children Under 8-Year - TNBC USA

A total of around 791 Central American migrants, including 368 children under 8-year-old, have been arrested in Veracruz, Mexican State, reports an official.

The arrest of the migrants, who were bring hiddenly transported in four groups, were carried out at two points, said the National Migration Institute in a statement.

While the total breakdown age of the migrants remain unclear, said a source speaking on condition of anonymity to AFP 270 of the migrants are 6 to 7-years-old, and 98-years people are 0 to 5.

The arrest included 413 Guatemalans, 39 Salvadorans, and 330 Hondurans, added the source.

Another source claims that six reported human traffickers had been detained.

In Mexico, Veracruz is the most violated regions. Drug trafficking routes to the US pass through it and migrants passes through run the risk of being raped, robbed or kidnapped.

It came during 45-days time for Mexico to take steps to restrain migration, parts of an agreement reached with the US in May to head off tariffs threatened by the United States President Donald Trump.

The US President has also warned that the tariffs will still continue of the UP deems Mexican progress inadequate after 45-days time.

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