Remote Amazon Tribe get Threatened by Measles Outbreak

An outbreak of measles has hit the Amazon Tribe causing a serious threat to 23 people who have been sent to the hospital. A major number of the Yanomami tribe residing on the Brazil-Venezuela border but are prone to the Ctratuatual disease as they have a weak immune system. As per the reports of the Survival International, a private organization is active towards the wellbeing of the tribals. There is a large number of tribe people who are affected by diseases as they far from medical care so, the private organization is calling on Venezuelan authorities to provide medical treatments urgently. On the other side, The national health organization trying to reach the maximum affected communities. For NGO it becomes difficult to find or understand the actual rate of people who are affected by this measles.

A report suggested that measles is Measles virus which has been spread through the air like through sneezing and coughing. The Researcher found the symptoms of measles it begins with fever, runny nose, cough, red eyes and a sore throat. Rashes begin to spread all over the infected portion`s body. World Health Organization (WHO) has also found some complication from measles that include blindness and brain swelling that might cause death in young children despite the safe. The group of  NGO team said that there are already been deaths deep in the forest and many could follow.

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