Massive Waves of Migrant Caravan Arrives At Mexico-US Border - TNBC USA

After marching on the road for a month toward the United States, the migrant caravan of Central America, coincided on the US-Mexican border being valiant by the expansion of the thousands of American Troops by US President Donald Trump near the border.

At dawn along with their belongings on the back, almost 800 migrants reached in Tijuana which is located nearby San Diego of California riding on 22 buses and also walking through the highway into the city in a form of a massive wave of people.

They also united with other 750 caravan members who had marched ahead and arrived in the city in recent times.

The entire caravan including around 5,500 migrants was assumed to continue reaching in Tijuana in the next hours. The caravan is thankful for getting the buses which reached with the last group of the caravan members and arranged by the charities, local authorities and private donors.

Around 6,000 troops had been posted by the US President Donald Trump and their responsibility was to build concrete barricades and razor-wire fencing to execute the order to restraint exactly what Trump has termed as an “invasion”.

Miriam Fernandez of 32 years old, a Honduran migrant told AFP, “I feel better now that we’ve reached the border. Tired, but better. I’ve been on the road for a month, travelling with my four daughters”.

The migrants are actually forced to flee due to the distressing circumstances caused by the poverty and social agitation in the Northern Triangle of Central America — Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras where highest crime rates have been inflamed by the unsocial and brutal gang violence.

Hundreds of residents of Tijuana region professed their contention and agitation at the beachside square at the  Friendship Park overnight as the migrants have arranged their camp along with fences in the midpoint of the United States and Mexico.

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