Marvel Comics Legend and Spiderman Co-Creator, Stan Lee Dies at 95 - TNBC USA

A renowned writer and editor Stan Lee  who holds lots of credit for extending the fame of American comics , as well as redefining the aptitude of a superhero, including the self-doubting of Spider-Man, the determined Iron Man, the fighting Fantastic Four and the furious Incredible Hulk died on 12th November at the age of 95 in the hospital of Los Angeles.

The name of Stan Lee became synonymous with the company named Marvel Comics in which Lee joined in his teenage as an assistant and spent much of his adult life.

After 20 years toiling as a self-defined plodder in the comics field on the brink of quitting the business, he was directed by his boss to echo the aptitude of superheroes created by comic rival DC. As a colourful morally composited heroes created by Lee helped to cherish an upturn in a predominant dying profession.

In the early 1950s, the comics had to face a gloomy age after the hearings of the Senate which condemned the comics trade for instigating to juvenile crime. The hearing prompted to build a system for monitoring the standards of the comics and also gave authorization to the system to ban the illogical content discriminated for the children.

After overcoming the dark phase in comic field, Lee redefined the entire settings and brought a completely new approach of distinctive characters aiming the younger audience solely and they were able to interact with the evolved mind of readers. The proficient creator of the comic world introduced flawless and square-jawed heroic characters who had straightforward morals.

Lee told in 2012 in a Post: “All of our characters were freaks in their own way. The greatest example was with X-Men – they were hated because they were different. The idea I had, the underlying theme, was that just because somebody is different doesn’t make them better. … That seems to be the worst thing in human nature.”

Lee who is the achiever of gems in so many Marvel-based films was known for a foresight of modesty. As the teenage director at Marvel, he sat on a cabinet and shouted at his artists sitting below saying “I am God !”

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