Man Who Vanished Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame, Theft Statue of Marilyn Monroe - TNBC USA

On Monday, a man who was accused of vandalizing the United States President Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star was charged with stole a nearby Marilyn Monroe’s Statue.

25-year-old Austin Clay will face 3-years imprisonment if found guilty of property of vandalism and theft, informs the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office in a statement. 

On Friday, Austin was detained at his home in Los Angeles’ Glendale after police recognised him from a video footage. 

After being detected that Austin was accused of vandalizing President Trumps’ Walk of Fame, probe team has searched his home and collected evidence connecting him to the statue theft, report local media. 

The statue depicts Monroe in her popular flying skirt pose from “The Seven Year Itch” (1955) – hasn’t been found.

It has been settled atop a small pavilion dedicated to some most actresses of Hollywood, which is situated at the starting of the ‘Walk of Fame’. 

According to report of authorities, a witness has seen a man climbing the structure on June 16 and used a saw to remove the statue. 

The popular statue belongs to the City of Los Angeles. Police also feared that the statue may have been damaged during the stolen. 

LAPD detective Douglas Oldfield told sources, “Looking back at the (security) video, it would be reasonable that the statue broke and could be in multiple pieces.”

In July 2018, Austin Clay made headlines as he vandalized President Trump’s “Hollywood Star” with a pickaxe that he had hidden in a guitar case.  

At that time, Austin was sentenced to 1-day in prison, 3-year’s probation and 20-days of community service, and asked to attend psychological counseling. 

On Tuesday, Austin is due to be arraigned. Prosecutors are suggesting that his bail be set at $45000. 

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