Search for missing woman in Topanga park turns into death investigation - TNBC USA

According to the local reports, Monday, police suspected a missing woman, which turned into a death investigation, whose body was found in the bushes near a trail at Topanga State Park.

LAPD Lt. John Radtke said, “There appears to be no foul play and no trauma to the body. The investigation is ongoing”. He further added, “The best advice to the public is to be careful when it’s hot outside. Let people know where you’re going, hike with friends, bring water with you”.

Police did not conclude who died, but the LAPD was searching for a missing hiker in the same area. She was last seen by family and friends on Sunday. Her car is still at the entrance of the park, now covered in police tape. Authorities warned others who come through the trails to be vigilant in the summer months. Family members were on their way from Iowa to California to search for Dykshorn.

Friends, who have posted photos of Maggie Dykshorn, had been gone for more than a day. Her last post on social media was a view from her hike in the park with a thermometer showing how hot it was that day.

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